Mac Internet Recovery: How to Reinstall MAC OS X with Internet Recovery Mode

If your Mac is using a firmware password, this combination causes your Mac to start up from macOS Recovery instead. Why you might not have a Recovery HD partition When you install Mountain Lion on a drive, the installer automatically attempts to repartition that drive to create the invisible Recovery HD partition.

Try the Methods here! Before I proceed, I would like to know: I can hear Mac chime at start up, then white screen with questions mark blinking folder. Score 0. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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A recent glitch we noticed with certain Mac computer owners running macOS Sierra was the complaint that mac recovery mode not working. Follow the Stage 3 directions until you reach the Disk Utility. How can I achieve this with this configuration? Accessing recovery mode You can access recovery mode only when your Mac starts up, although there are two ways to do so. Even a crumb of food or a stray hair can cause a key including the Power key to become unresponsive.

Yes No. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. You should set console logs scroll by as your Mac attempts to boot. Ever fixed something? Or use Option-D to start up from this utility over the Internet. To those who are still struggling: The sequence is similar to the way you usually access Recovery, with the addition of the Option key.

Show More. In some instances, when it is pertinent for users to restart their MacBook via the recovery mode, they might be distraught to discover that the mac recovery mode is not working.

Since El Capitan should also have a internet recovery mode option it's unfortunate that one does not seem to be able to boot into that, if you have multiple and older and "factory set" OS installed. Get Help Online: You should get prompted with a screen asking what drive to boot from and offering to let you connect to the network wirelessly or automatically connecting if Ethernet is available.

How does Internet Recovery work? What is MacBook Recovery Mode? Now I can't get to any recovery mode, or boot mode, none of the key combination work in this case. Lion Internet Recovery first runs a quick test of your memory and hard drive before putting up a limited interface that lets you select your preferred wireless network.

Thank you for your answer! Before proceeding, read the important information on the Restore Your System screen that appears when you choose this option. As a gadget owner, you should be akin to the rare occasion of uncontrolled fit and rage you can experience once your device chooses to have a mind of its own. How do you boot into Internet Recovery?

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Please any help is most appreciated. From here, you can follow the Recover, Reinstall or Hard Reinstall instructions above. When you install Mountain Lion or Lion, the installer creates an invisible, bootable, MB partition—a portion of a drive the operating system treats as a separate volume—on your startup drive called Recovery HD that includes a few essential utilities for fixing problems, restoring files, browsing the Web, and even reinstalling the operating system.