Tips for Whole Grain Baking

My first time making these rolls and they turned out fabulous! I followed the recipe carefully.

Sprinkle and sweep? The big second rise is a red flag to me — that happens with bread for me when my kitchen is hot. I added the 4 and a half cups of flour and then 2 Tbsp. My kids and husband now love the experience as much as I do.

The Original Soft 100% Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls Recipe

Please advise…. Will try again tomorrow, I hope.

I did watch the video. THank you!! No problem. I even got uniform size and shape thanks to your wonderful explanations and pictures. Worked fine. And I thought my measly 20 lbs was a big deal.

Whole Wheat Hot Cross Bun Recipe w/ Dried Cherries & Lemon

I have been looking for months for a whole wheat bread that was soft and moist, these dinner rolls are both! Today, I am using your base recipe to create Sausage Cheese rolls — folding sausage, cheese, and green onions in after the first rise. She grew up in Texas and moved to Germany three years ago, where she now lives with her husband. It was great as long as it was warm.

So I did! Oh, ahead of time, find a brush to coat the rolls with butter at the end. Such is life!

Whole Wheat Hot Cross Bun Recipe with Dried Cherries & Lemon

I would lick the sweet glaze from the top and bite through the tender dough into soft, plump currants. I just threw the ingredients in my bread maker and the dough turned out beautiful! Hi, Thank you so much for this recipe and tutorial! Served with a salted butter, they are the perfect addition to almost any meal, from Peanut Soup, to Pot Roast, to Shrimp Creole.

Can you freeze the rolls still connected right in the pan? Whole wheat flour, however, should be easily found at any grocery store.

The Original Soft % Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls - An Oregon Cottage

I was out of milk so I used water with a dash or apple cider vinegar. It just seemed no matter how much I had them greased or floured the dough just stuck to my hands. I have a batch to come out in one hour and will rub honey on top instead of butter!! They were diff and beautiful! No switching to dough hook. By the way I did have my hands greased: It works great.