The Hulk Could Beat Superman, Marvel and DC, Writers Say

Even though the hypothetical battle between them is mouthwatering, it is very unlikely. What could you possibly be standing on to lift a star?

Originally posted by Avalonofthewind Seems like everytime I see you post something about the Hulk, it gets more and more ridiculous and less credible By Chris Irvine. Originally posted by dubefan man its superman thats all i gotta say he beat up a giant computer.

Thor or The Hulk? Stan Lee FINALLY reveals who would win in a fight – Fans are not happy

Last month in Italy, a couple was banned from naming their son Friday - Venerdi - because the name could expose him to ridicule. How does someone fly without jet propulsion? As such, we'll make a few assumptions here: Hulk is fantastical, but on a more scientific level.

Originally posted by Kento Really? Hmmm I never saw that story. I just wanted to express my desire for a "somtimes less is more"-philosophy that emphasizes on good storytelling in BOTH comic-universes! One of his best strength feats was holding the weight of a star, destroying an asteroid twice the size of Earth with a single punch, punching a hole in time and reality, Hulk's punching power is insane.

That is not regeneration. BTW, your YouTube link is dead.

Superman Vs. Incredible Hulk Superhero Battle: Who Would Win?

Thank you Cosmic Cube this is what I was trying to get accross rather poorly I admit. Superman has destroyed and moved planets on multiple occasions.

He made to Earth it in 4 mins You are a fool, current post crisis Superman can push the moon. Gallifreyan Catchy Phrases.

Superman Vs. Incredible Hulk Superhero Battle: Who Would Win?

Oh by the way, Superman can also get more powerful the more stressed he gets. Could the hulk beat brainiac, Doomsday, Darkseid, what about the parasite, Lex Luthor? By any logical thinking Jason is right there should be a limit, but so far there hasn't been.

Usually though he won't This is routine stuff for Supes, and will make him nothing much.

Look at the first time Supes fought DD, it was a slugfest. Braniac - Not so sure. When have you seen Hulk get tired and consequently revert to Banner? The Hulk's strength increases exponentially depending upon the amount of stress he is under; not necessarily anger; fear can cause an even greater increase in his strength.

So you mean Hulk can only win if Superman slips up? Hot Network Questions. That comic featured a fight between Hulk and Superman. Marvel was pitted against DC. Avalonofthewind Supes wins. A really miffed Hulk would probably stand a chance in a straight-up fistfight, since he can generally do so against Thor or other Hulk versions.