Record Suspension (formerly Pardons)

Does a young offender need a pardon? Connects low to middle income individuals with legal professionals — lawyers, mediators and paralegals- who have agreed to work at a reduced rate. Sometimes an agency will submit the criminal record check form on the individual's behalf and then ask the respective police service to invoice the agency.

Thank you for your patience. The freedom of information and privacy acts try to balance two competing interests: If all three of these specific requirements are ruled out then the individual may still apply after the ten year eligibility period. The cost of obtaining a criminal record check varies. Under the Young Offenders Act, there is a prohibition against disclosing any youth record to unauthorized individuals.

Log in Register. Part three looks at questions that relate directly to the criminal records of youth. Aggravated sexual assault Assault with a weapon Assault causing bodily harm Arson Attempted murder.

Even though discharges are not considered convictions, records of discharged offences are maintained by CPIC for a limited time. Table 1. Information related to charges entered but subsequently dealt with by a diversion program is purged from the CPIC system. See Table 1 for the 6 purging categories and conditions. Includes information on the Canadian legal and justice system, Canadian courts civil and criminal , court processes, and alternatives to court. In effect, once the purge date has passed, CPIC has no record of the discharged offence.

Clemency and Pardons Division: No, a pardon does not erase a criminal record.

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Attorney General Staff who are responsible for the care and supervision of the young person A government of Canada employee for statistical purposes Any person who determines the granting of criminal record checks required for all levels of government. This does not mean it has started to be processed.

Parole Board of Canada Fact Sheet click here We will do our best to update this page with any other new information and steps as we are made aware of changes to the system. Since that person's name no longer appears on CPIC, that individual no longer has a criminal record. Top Stories Doug Ford defends fundraising dinner amid cash-for-access criticisms.

To view your reading history, you must be logged in. For more information on how to use the Privacy Act to access and correct criminal record information, call the Privacy Commissioner at the number listed on page 26 of this document. Call any of our Durham office locations to speak with us about the record suspension process.

If you want to write a letter to the editor, please forward to letters globeandmail. Correctional Service of Canada. The term Pardon is now replaced with the title "Record Suspension". Public Works and Government Services. If you would like our help facilitating a record suspension, you can book an appointment with us.

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For example, even though a young person has an active criminal record, this does not mean it will be disclosed to the school. It takes six to nine months to process a waiver. Canadian pardons do not have legal force outside of Canada. In other situations, the individual is responsible for covering the costs of having a criminal record check done. Family circumstances Indicators of violent tendencies or patterns of behaviour History of substance abuse Any court orders and their expiry date Groups of persons who might be at risk from the youth.