Burnaby hockey mom alleges adolescent son humiliated by coach

My wife and I had always talked about building a boat and sailing around the Caribbean with our son, Max. Are tryouts fair? The time now is After going through what they thought were the appropriate steps with Burnaby Minor, the Coopers eventually took the case to B. Read Related Topics. I, being a goaltender and instructor advise the coach , that I will work with my son and his son to make them both better goaltenders. But crazy things do happen, and the dads are the worst.

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It is currently Sun Feb 24, 4: But I found that I was spending extra hours a week coaching. As long as the other goalies father is coaching, youre going to have this issue. They were busted. There had definitely been some drinks consumed and, as can be the case in these situations, someone had an idea: So, we wait and are thinking that at the start of the third period, he will probably go in. It was a neat adventure. They removed Greg from the team that same night, while filing a formal complaint.

She got in touch with Bonnie Cameron - a B. I thought this was a great idea. You're going away from being a little kid and guess what? Reset Password. I thought he would be less likely to get hurt in the net. The next day, Sebrango was sent a letter by Lalonde saying that her fellow board members had suspended her for taking the action against the coach, even though she had been given the go-ahead by the OMHA, a higher body, to suspend him.

He was recently given a watch from the association for playing four consecutive years with the Junior Frontenacs. The Coopers realized by January that B.

I am pretty sure she was a stay-at-home mom. Here are some helpful tips. Is this how minor hockey should be, even if it is A hockey?

Send a private message to habernac. The top team of any division is going to be cut throat and competitive.

Greater Kingston Minor Hockey Association president suspended after filing complaint against coach

The team won a lot and the kids were really great kids — and their parents all seemed great. I call, BS!

It's fun to see what is posted and even more fun to get involved. My son has had numerous good games as well, in fact facing over 40 shots in one game, keeping his team in the game and then getting pulled with 8 minutes left in the game. Enrolment in minor hockey is down as kids get older because they are not given the opportunity to play and then drop out.

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My son will play against the weaker teams in the Division until his confidence and the teams confidence comes up so that they will start playing for him. Login Register Follow talkminorhockey.

Originally Posted by The Unabomber You are not out to lunch, the minor hockey system is brutal. Minor Hockey Chat on Facebook. What is Minor Hockey Talk site? Not everyone has it.