9 Tips To Nail That Skype Interview!

This shows commitment, great organisational skills and respect for your interviewer, as they probably have a very busy schedule as it is. Answer the questions asked, not the questions you wish were asked.

9 Tips To Nail That Skype Interview! « Inspiring Interns Blog

As with any interview, the key to a successful Skype conversation is planning. Feed and walk the dog ahead of time, and call a sitter or a neighbor if you have young children.

De-cluttering your space is very important as you do not want anything to divert your attention. When I did this, my friend noticed that I speak quite fast and so I have had a chance to work on this. One of the interviewers in San Francisco noticed that her curtains were black and orange, so he asked her if she was a Giants fan.

Check out the alignment of your camera and screen too — you may not actually be making eye contact with the interviewer and this can interfere with developing that all-important connection. Freak injury for one of college basketball's biggest players sparks debate on everything from endorsements to insurance.

I asked dozens of executives, career consultants, and tech experts nationwide this question. View gallery. Get Rid of Distractions "Make sure that [you're] the only living object in view.

You'll look them in the eye by looking into the camera, not by watching their image on the monitor. FTC urged to probe if the social-media company illegally enticed minors to spend money without parental consent. Keilt says: Answered Nov 14, If the company is formal, wear a jacket and tie for men or a suit jacket for women. OK More information. Dress to Impress — Dress as you would for an in-company interview. Something like that. Additionally, a cluttered bookshelf or brightly colored posters can be distracting for interviewers.

More on MoneyWatch: This skill is going to come in extra handy after your job interview on Skype. Apr 9, , As modern technology is improving each day, more and more companies are using video conferencing interviews to carry out the initial selection process of prospective candidates.