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Make the Initial Folds. This octagon origami letter II starts from a square base and then applying two sets of kite-fold.

The special folding techniques involved with this models are petal-fold and inside reverse-fold. Origami Heart Animated Instructions.

Origami Boat Stand. However, there are a few folding techniques that you need to master for this model. The special folding technique you would learn from this model is outside reverse-fold. CRC Press So you will need more than one square paper.

Easy Origami Ball.

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Both tabs of one unit are inserted into the pockets of one unit. Akira Yoshizawa in particular was responsible for a number of innovations, such as wet-folding and the Yoshizawa—Randlett diagramming system , and his work inspired a renaissance of the art form. New York Times. Other than that, it is a simple boat to fold with. Hidden categories: This box looks the square shape when it is seen from the side.

Simple Origami Santa Claus.

Origami Flowers

For many people, origami crane might be the first model to learn origami folding. However, other polygonal shapes can be used to solve the packing problem as well. They are petal-fold , inside reverse-fold , and outside reverse-fold. Two folding techniques that you need to learn from this model are both square-fold and petal-fold.

From this origami crown you will learn to know what cushion-fold and what gate-fold are.

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This is 3D origami heart so that you can put something inside. This origami piano is 3D version of origami model which is a little improvement compare to the traditional piano. It is not that difficult to fold. Origami Tessellations.