How to Properly Apply Concealer

Excerpted from The Complete Beauty Bible: Concealers like this work well anywhere on the face, especially if more extensive coverage is needed. Make your lipstick pop and prevent the color from bleeding by lining the outside of your lips with a fine-tip brush and a bit of concealer.

If you're not feelin' your zits, acne scars, or redness, tap on a concealer with your ring finger, let it set for five minutes, then lightly bounce the tip of your sponge over the concealer to blend it out without smudging it off. Sweep the foundation across your face. You only need to apply it to the darkest area, then dab upward in a sweeping motion to thinly cover the rest. Product in this look: Then, with a dry washcloth or towel, pat your face so it isn't sticky before applying a thin layer of powder foundation.

The concealer will hide the blemish and the setting powder will prevent it from wearing off. The most flattering way to apply concealer is to draw a triangle with the base under your eye and the point toward your cheek. Instead, choose an "under-eye concealer" specially formulated to cover up dark spots. If you like to keep your makeup routine to a very minimal, a concealer is just what you need!

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Simply use the opposing color to help mitigate some of the discoloration. Though my personal favorite is the magical Beautyblender, you can still get excellent results from other beauty sponges, like these:. Unless you are using a matte or ultra-matte finish concealer, set the concealer with a light dusting of loose or pressed powder.

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Blend the concealer out under the eye area, concentrating the application over the darkest areas. Use your finger, a concealer brush, or a sponge to dab the concealer onto the undereye area or over other discolorations.

They tend to go on thickly and don't spread easily, which means you can better control the application. Be sure to use a pat-and-blend method of application, as this will ensure that the concealer covers where it is supposed to and is not inadvertently wiped away. This is especially important for people with dark skin color, but everyone can benefit from this test: Other factors are your skin type and what tool you use to apply your foundation; use a sponge for oily skin and use a brush for dry skin.

See Jessie James Decker demonstrate this trick here at the 4: How to apply concealer. To heal pimples faster, try this recipe for an Aspirin Face Mask.

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You can do a 24 hour test with the product. Concealers like this should always be applied before foundation. Concealers come in any finish from matte to satin. The less concealer you put at the back corner of the eye unless that area is dark , the less your chance of looking like you're wearing a white mask over the eyes.

Dirty hands may transfer bacteria to your face.

The Best Way To Apply Concealer

Make adjustments. Page dots the highlighter on the inner corner of eyes, under the lower lids and on the outer corner of the brow. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. This type of concealer is very easy to apply. Try a thicker, full-coverage formula, like one of these gems currently sitting on my vanity at home: The emollient cream concealers should be set with loose powder immediately after blending to help promote crease-free wear.

Blend this out evenly, taking care not to spread concealer onto areas where you don't want it.