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Nash Grier To be fair, these expensive versions work much better than the plastic version, but you could save yourself money by learning how to make a gravity bong; and we show you how to do it below! Do you have any tips for us? Log in Facebook Loading Pour water in the bong. Do you actually know what a gravity bong is? Retrieved December 23, Once you have these items, drill a hole into the bottle cap.

The Simba This is especially the case if you use a high THC strain. High insisted that the bucket bong's existences was "indisputable evidence" that marijuana smokers were more intelligent and inventive than one might assume. The Russia Desk.

Trump's America. Are you smoking enough weed? The smaller has an attached bowl and open bottom, and the smaller is placed into the larger. When you are ready to take your hit you release your finger from the carb and the pressure change causes all the smoke to rush into your lungs. As you may know, a bong is composed of usually parts:. Upload error. When smoke is forced rather than sucked it gets deep into your lungs, hell it gets in your respiratory system.

Oct 25, 5. A real grav is made from a 3 liter, with a metal socket in the top for the bowl head. Place a socket in the cap. The gravity bong i.

May 16, When learning how to make a waterfall bong, you will quickly realize that it is even easier than a bucket bong. Civic Loading This allows percolation at the bottom, and can be further improved by capping the end and poking a dozen or so small holes at the end, resulting in diffusion of the smoke for an even cooler hit.

Make sure the hole is small enough that you can seal it with your finger.

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You can purchase a glass gravity bong or a vortex gravity bong if you have cash to spare. Remember me Lost your password? The Trustafarian Handbook: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. After you fill the bottle with water, cap it and light the bowl, while allowing the water the flow from the bottle. This will stop the water from leaking out.

Just like the bucket gravity bong, a hole is drilled through the cap as a means to insert the bowl.


Join us as we meet the people working to change our world for the better. Nicole Richter. A waterfall bong or reverse bucket bong is another method of smoking. It allows you to consume almost an enti The cap is removed after the water has completely drained out, allowing the user to inhale the smoke.