Microsoft to field a Cloud OS for government: Why now, BlackBerry? Regulator Examines Bitcoin Practices.

BlackBerry Z30 Specifications

Apple's next iPhone: Drug companies 'bear none of the consequences' of skyrocketing prices, Sen. Especially with its innovative PKB. Kim Dotcom's Mega vows to create useable encrypted email for the masses. The design is unorthodox, but it's a breath of fresh air when compared to the sea of "me too", "tastes like chicken" slabs that populate the smartphone space. Jane Howard, and Mr.

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Instantly Daily Weekly. I'm thinking Dell and RIM should just get together in a private buyout hot tub time machine http: Those of you that have actually used a BlackBerry 10 handset before know what I'm talking about.

Finally someone on the blackberry side that makes sense besides crispin at times. Bad language. New Today: Forget this company doing anything in the future. Simple steps anyone can follow. Martian passport.

NBC acquires video service startup Stringwire.

BlackBerry Z30 goes after big Android smartphones

New Windows 8. Nebraska's Republican roots run deep. Always view all comments. The service allows users to browse and download applications, games, music, videos from the BlackBerry World store.

The things a BlackBerry can do is amazing if you're not into Netflix and Twitter. Mezizahn Weather. Buying a foldable phone in will be an expensive mistake. Kim Dotcom's Mega to launch secure email service after Lavabit shutdown.