Opec organization of petroleum exporting countries 35

Urban living conditions These were awful in the 19th Century as a result of poor sewage treatment, water conditions and bad foundations for buildings Urban planning and public transit This was the act of planning out a city and building it from the blueprints.

In the end, I was not only able to survive summer classes, but I was able to thrive thanks to Course Hero. JeanBaptiste Lamarck This man developed the first cohesive theory of evolution after his studies of biology Jesuits This was the group of people that was important in converting Asians and Latin Americans to Catholicism which allowed for the mass spread of Christianity Johann Gutenberg Man who created the printing press and changed the production and reading of books Johann Tetzel This was the man who was hired by Archbishop Albert of Mainz to sell indulgences, which he did extremely successfully Johann Wolfgang von Goethe This German Romantic poet influence Walter Scott John A.

Bacon This scientist spread the word about the experimental method and formalized the empirical method and combined his thinking with Descartes to form the scientific method He was responsible for the Nivelle Offensive, which faced a very large degree of opposition during its planning stage.

William Gladstone A Liberal British Prime Minister who gave concessions to various parties and ultimately introduced bills for Irish self-governance Luddites These were the angry old cottage industry workers who lost their jobs and costumers to machines and as a result, they began to secretly destroy the machines Philosophes These were the French philosophers Philosophy of the Enlightenment This dealt with skepticism, the government, and the role of reason in everyday life Physiocrats This was the group of economists who believed that the wealth of a nation was derived solely from the value of its land Pierre Auguste Renoir a French painter who used a impressionism called "super-realism," capture overall impression of the thing they were painting Pierre-Joseph Proudhon This socialist man believed that property is theft Sovereignty having supreme power Pietism This was a movement within Lutheranism that revived Protestantism that called for an emotional relationship, allowed for the priesthood of all believers, and the Christian rebirth in everyday affairs He is regarded as an avant-garde writer of fantasy and satire Alexander Kerensky An agrarian socialist who became prime minister.

Karl Lueger Mayor of Vienna whom Hitler idolized Karl Lueger The fiery mayor of Vienna who preached anti-Semitism and appealed to lower middle class Major people were Kierkegaard, Barth, and Marcel.


Voltaire This was a playwright and a philosophe who said that the best that one could hope for in a government is a good monarch and he even often criticized the Catholic Church and government in his plays Walter Gropius German architect who broke form previous design with light, airy, bright buildings of glass and iron Walter Scott This Scottish Romantic poet used history to write his poems Walther Rathenau was a German industrialist, politician, writer, and statesman who served as Foreign Minister of Germany during the Weimar Republic.

People's Budget A plan in British parliament that increased spending on social services Structure of German government They had a strong top government and they had a Reichstag, or the lower house of parliament The Germans won, and were able to make sure that Austria stayed out of German affairs Existentialism The idea that human beings simply exist, have no higher purpose, and must exist and choose their actions for themselves.

Stadholder This was the name given to the person appointed by the States General to carry out ceremonial functions in a province in the Netherlands This theory was not widely accepted for it could possibly account for humans which would defeat the whole purpose of creationism Thermidorian Reaction and The Directory This was the reaction to the despotism after the Second Revolution which led to the establishment of the five-man executive that supported the French military which was not popular with the French people Thirty Years' War This was the international war between the Protestants and Catholics that eventually ended religious conflicts in Europe Thomas Hobbes This was the philosopher that believed that a strong central government was needed to avoid rebellion and civil war Cavour's program Cavour's plan was to first modernize the econ, and model it off of Britain, then modernize the military, with lots of railroads to move the troops around to country Nicholas II Last tsar of Russia, he went to the frontlines in WWI to try to rally the troops, but was forced to abdicate after his wife made horrible decisions under the influence of Rasputin.

Existentialism mainly influenced by Nietzsche.