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The ground has clearly not been built for football, that is clear. Thanks to the West Ham fans pouring out of the stadium from the 70th minute getting away from the stadium was a breeze. Kate still carried her usual clutch bag style Getty Images. Try an off-the shoulder top that's loose and flowing with a fun bohemian print. Thanks to this website I knew the best way to get from Euston was to take the tube to Highbury and Islington and then the overground to Hackney Wick this is not advertised on the club website as they are trying to reduce congestion on this line but it's a great route.

A quick look around the Westfield Shopping Centre to try and find something to eat. It was a real task trying to find out where you were and also battling to get passed the queuing Hammer fans.

Rugby fixtures and scores. That seems not only conducive to a bad atmosphere, as there is a huge gap between the upper and lower tier of both sets of fans, but also fairly ridiculous, given even the fans in the lower tier are still not particularly close to the pitch, making you wonder why they bothered at all.

A good game of football between two equally matched sides and on reflection I couldn't argue with a draw.

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The trip to Stratford station was straightforward and uneventful and the area around the ground seemed calm and trouble free. I had heard mixed reviews so wanted to see what all the fuss was about! A bit different to your usual walk up to a football ground. Charlotte Edwardes.

The gap between the lower and upper tiers of the away fans diluted the atmosphere. However the seats in the upper tiers looked quite far away from the pitch itself. It is really easy to waste time in the shopping centre browsing as there is plenty to look at. As a non-drinker I only had a Diet Coke which was quite expensive.

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Norwegian man in slim fitting velvet jacket, Within minutes of the picture being posted, thousands of Twitter users sent out messages including "hilarious", "splendid" and "I really hope it's true". The whole journey took just under 45 minutes, including the 15 minute walk from Hackney Wick to the London Stadium.

At the London Stadium: The Mayor spent around five minutes hanging comically from the drooping line wearing a hard hat, as spectators took video footage and photographs of his misfortune.

Usual police trick of making you walk in circles so you don't realise you're not actually getting any closer. Hip hop fashion. But from a ground perspective, it did nothing for me and I couldn't imagine having to go there regularly as a home fan. Very poorly organised by the stewards to send you a complete different way than the one you came and then leave you in some back streets to find your own way to the station.

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The London Stadium dominates an area undergoing a rapid transformation - it really is impressive. My one criticism was the lack of toilets. But here she is on the day of the opening ceremony, one of 1, proud performers doing an urban street dance.

The British organizers on site were polite and friendly, but it was clear reporters weren't particularly welcome. It appears the Police and Stewards have now sorted out the initial teething problems and we didn't experience any problems on the way out however those using public transport or cards may have had a different experience. West Ham fans were leaving long before the end, probably only about one fifth of them left by the final whistle.

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