Netanyahu…………… Mileikowsky…………… Lithuania. Where streets have no name: And there you have it.

Opana Coating Led Users To Inject Rather Than Snort Pills : Shots - Health News : NPR

The Palestinians Plishtim the bible refers to came from Greece. Congratulate yourself on what is probably your greatest achievement! Are Catholics a nation? And then it took off like wildfire after that. They have reclaimed no land, built no settlements, and only detracted from the Jewish defense activity.

And here you go again!

BDS Movement for Palestinian Rights Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

For it to be an apartheid state would be a betrayal of the Jewish ethics that underpin its existence, of the dreams of its founders, and of the words of the Declaration of Independence of May 14, Israel offered the Pals a state many times. Therefore, you resort to posting nonsense when you are unable to respond to the comment? Ghandi was a racist: I hope Bob Dylan gives his prize back. Prove it — source line and quote!! Then the hate-driven Zionist ideology shall be the first whether.

Resolutions organised by Arab countries that wish to destroy Israel. Hamasshole imbecile. Blacks [ even slightly coloured looking non South Africans] and whites could not walk on same pavements, could not shop in same shops , could not use same toilets, could not go to same schools or universities etc etc.

Anti-Semitism is certainly a factor behind some of the attacks on Israel, but it must not be overstated, as some do, as a means of counterattacking.

BDS Movement for Palestinian Rights Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize Inter Press Service

Do business with Jews, organize with them, love them. Hundreds of people lost their jobs. This is apartheid. Israel is home to 2 million Arabs of all religions who participate fully in every aspect of civilain life even the High Court , parliament, hospitals at a high level and army. Just your choice of adjectives shows otherwise.