Rigid After five. Like this presentation? Penetration into inflamed connective tissue may occur. Used for of subgingival plaque, calculus and root planing in anterior teeth and premolars. In this process, the cleaning and polishing of the dentition is achieved by a device that mixes air and water pressure with an abrasive agent such as sodium bicarbonate powder, aluminum trihydroxide, calcium sodium phosphosilicate powder, or calcium carbonate powder to remove extrinsic stain remaining after scaling.

See the other products DenMat Holdings. Chisel scalers: Yes Condition: Rigid Mini Five. This device delivered a force within 0. A sharp pointed instrument used to investigate natural or restored tooth surfaces to detect caries or other defects. The handpiece contains a closed in spring which controls the probing pressure. Because implants have a metallic surface, it may get adversely affected by application of metallic instruments.

Best tactile sensation. Local Branch Local Branch Help. These are small hoe-like instruments used to access into the ceiling or floor of the furcation as well as the depressions of roots inside furcations. Double ended instruments with working-ends that are mirror images of each other have paired working-ends while instruments with two dissimilar working-ends have unpaired working-ends.

In cases where gingiva is chronically inflamed in spite of proper periodontal therapy. Actions Shares. All precision made with sharp, stainless steel tips and latex free ergonomic handles, arriving sterile and ready for single-use use with a 2. The Glickman probe has round tip with longer shank. The explorer tip quivers as it passes over a calculus deposit on the root of the tooth.

Mouth mirror should be used with a light grip in order to prevent muscular or skeletal strain in the hands. Skip to main content. Shorter than the Standard.

The "off" amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller's price on eBay. A fiber bundle transmits light to the transducer and reflected light to a signal processor. Explore at least halfway across the distal surface. It is used solely for the removal of heavy supragingival calculus deposits that bridge open interproximal spaces of anterior teeth.

In cases of suspected subgingival pathology. Areas with hypersensitivity.

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These are broadle classified as follows, Excisional and incisional instruments. Module Explorers. Under development. Correct The lower shank is parallel to the distal surface.

These are attached to contra-angle micromotor handpiece used at low speed on the tooth surface. Beagrie and Jukka Ainamo in Probing depth is computed by comparison of the reflected light signal with the reference obtained from the zero position 9. Hu-Friedy guarantees against breakage, joint failure, and corrosion under normal use. Parts of an instrument.