An incredible achievement for a first novel. What I really loved about this book was the writing - there were so many beautiful phrases that just made you stop and take notice.

Well it was unexpected for her, he knew he was dying. This dynamic lead to Louise feeling like the odd one out within her family which then leads to meeting Jarvis. So descriptive of their lives. This got me hooked from the very first page and kept interested till the last. It's a story about people who are like people you know, with all the same hangups, lack of communication, irritating and lovable habits.

Buy Paperback Buy this Paperback from one of these retailers:. However the security she thought she had always craved becomes boring and dull and unknowingly she seems intent to destroy it all only realising when it is too late what she has done. Ingalls , U. It's gripping, and normal, and you can't put it down. Louise is grieving the death of her husband Tom.

Beat the Rain does exactly that. Looking forward to the next book We chose Beat the Rain for our book club and loved it! And the good news is that he succeeds, rising where most male authors stumble - if they dare try at all - in the realization of a complicated, compelling female protagonist. Sunrise Kansas, harvesters' Kansas, A million men have found you before us Nigel Jay Cooper More books. Then one day in walks Jarvis and she becomes obsessed.

Enjoy Your English Practise your English with the world. Great characters and engaging story line with a superb twist.

A great read - seriously recommend it. Some parts made me laugh out loud, others cringe as it dawned what was coming. If ever a couple needed relationship couple counselling it is these two.

A few things that brought it down a star for me.. I would recommend this book highly, and look forward to seeing more of the author's work in future.

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This book was well written, and I found it refreshing that a male author could actually write a female part so well. I loved Nigel's braveness to the book, he has produced a moving and true tale that a lot of people would connect with.

Perhaps my biggest challenge was to set my preconceived ideas aside and allow the characters to be without my judgment; to be a silent witness of the hopes and sorrows of these flawed people. The depth of the characters involved and Nigel's understanding of their needs and complexities is compelling and makes you wonder about what human beings are all about Beautifully written and paced, it takes you constantly up and down, I did not see many of the twists coming, this books draws you in and does not let you go.

This was not my normal genre.