Change the Differential Fluid in a 1999 Subaru Legacy

Ever since I bought it, I've noticed a constant noise in the rear of the car.

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You really need to undo the top plug FIRST because if you drain the diff first and then realise you can't get the fill plug undone you are screwed. Privacy Policy. More by the author: The comments and content are property of their posters. You might want to replace the sump cover bolts with stainless while your at it these are m8 bolts. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Cobalt is offline. Report Follow. I may change or have it changed out at some point just to help satisfy the warranty but beyond that it won't get changed unless there's a leak or other indication that there's a need.

Information obtained from Japanese Legacy brochures was translated into English from the original Japanese printing. Quote message in reply? Unique to the US market, it was SOHC, with different pistons, oil squirters, oil cooler on the '91 model year, and other enhancements.

Rear differential

The truck had 9k on it. Senior Contributor. Two second-place finishes, one by each driver, strengthened the commitment of Subaru to the World Rally Championship , the Legacy, and their drivers.

Posted January 26, Already have an account? One takes a 22mm wrench and the other a 14mm. In , Subaru decided to make AWD standard equipment in all vehicles produced for the North American market, which would be the case until Retrieved 7 January An amber light is located in the respective side-view mirror stays steady if a vehicle is detected in the blind spot or is approaching at a fast enough pace to interfere with a lane change, or flashes with an additional audible alert if the driver is indicating a lane change or backing out of a parking spot with an object approaching.

The turbo four provides a real punch, and the AWD is grippy in the twisty stuff.

Long-Term Test Verdict: 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Limited

Search In. Valve clearance. Should I? Sorry to bump this thread. Reports All-Time Sales Record". All the best, Waynos. I know how to unhook the mirror f I am not only new to Subaru ownership, but to caring one iota about maintaining a car at all.