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Send a private message to Paprika. Class Order Halls. Add Templedog to Your Buddy List. Happiness determines the pet's damage output. Add Tomec76 to Your Buddy List. This version does not perform the target of target checks, but it will auto give you a focus if you don't already have one and it's a friendly target.

If your pet takes damage or enters combat, the effect will end immediately. Throne of Thunder.

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Lycius The Wary. Heart of Fear.

If you like this AddOn why not consider supporting the author? Search this Category:. This also includes a yell that will announce your misdirection on your focus target.

I like a good HUD myself. Focus Hunters and their pets use a unique resource, called Focus. LOL - Modified MD tells code to properly get target for whisper to avoid LUA error, as well as check for a valid unit that is not a pet, as well as in your party or raid.

Added note about it being okay to drop Frenzy charges from time to time. Breath of the Black Prince. One thing pets are very good at doing during PvP is disrupting spellcasting. Havoc PvP.

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Find out more! Casting Aspect of the Wild during Bestial Wrath itself is not optimal, but it is still better than delaying it until after Bestial Wrath.

Saturo is banned from all forums except the RP forum, and only allowed there until the current RP thread ends. Timeless Isle. Warlock Overview.

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Retribution PvP. The Saberstalkers. Post a comment!