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Who did you use your first shiny stone on?

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How do you get a shiny stone in Pokemon platinum? April 18th, 7: Best Entries. With the Dowsing Machine in Route KorpiklaaniVodka Nicknames: Search psypokes. Find all posts by PSNGhost. Navigation Back - Forward - Top.

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Where can I find a shiny stone in pokemon platinum? Yahoo Respostas

Itens de Festa. From the city "Canalave" you can take go to the Iron Island, there, inside the cave, the Shiny stone placed at the very end of it. The item in one of the bottom most part of the mountain is actually a dawn stone, you can evolve a female snorunt into Frosslass and a male Kirlia into Gallade.

Send a private message to CelticsPhan. Pokemon Gen 8, Starters, and Region Reveal. I used it on my roselia as I love roserade attack,moves and grace.

Where are Dawn Stones or Shiny Stones in Pokemon Platinum

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