Google+ is dead (for real this time)

Instagram has been busy releasing all manner of new features in recent months. Related Topics Channel: Julie Wills: Facebook is often critiqued for their dubious privacy changes, and Google seems to be catering to those unhappy users with easy to use privacy options in one location. What do you think is the future of Google Plus? It boggles my mind to think that people would complain about a site that offers an almost unlimited everything you may search for.

5 Reasons Why People Hate Google Plus (But Shouldn’t!) #Google+ - Social Media Impact

Hope that helps! I apologize for this next sentence in advance, but there is no better way to state it.

It fails to innovate, or even make sense in a digital age and completely ignores obvious, low-hanging fruit.

Don't worry, we r all sailing in the same boat with u He said that by , there are two major social media sites that will be shutdown: It essentially takes the groups found on LinkedIn and Facebook and thrusts them into the limelight. Truly a great social app Jon Wade Blogger.

No, I do not care that 'Internet Fax' exists. It is going to automatically hide "low quality" comments read: Julie Wills Moderator.

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For reference, Facebook has million active monthly users. Social communities are building at the experience level now, independent of specific networks. Get the latest Google stock price here. One woman died and 28 other diners have fallen ill after eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Valencia, Spain.

Well… almost.

Refunds are 16 percent lower over the first three weeks of tax season compared with , the latest IRS data show. Yes you are right. They still get substantial publicity through news outlets, celebrities and their users which has so far allowed them to cling on as one of the larger players in the space.

They say they "refuse to create technology for warfare and oppression".