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Vampire Weekend - "Harmony Hall" Singles Going Steady "Harmony Hall" is about as likable as Vampire Weekend has ever been, from the super-clean ascending guitar lick right on through the piano breakdown that could only have been more baroque if it had been played on a harpsichord.

Keep Praying 9. Outside Looking In: Share this page: Lord I Want To Go 4. That's their take, it's good—before I heard Pace's version, I thought it was brilliant—and that's as far as it goes. It was an audacious move that drew more criticism than it deserved, I think—or at least, the wrong kind of criticism, wrapped as it was in the fascination with his public persona, his politics and the "spokesperson" role that in no had yet let go of or turned into a nostalgia.

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See the full gallery. Golden Daze's second album, Simpatico , is good music for relaxing, maybe not as good for careful listening. Rooftop and Esraa Jay. LaShun Pace. Mississippi Mass Choir. Despite Waits' growling voice, it's all celebration, a Sunday morning without a hard, shameful Saturday night. Thank You. Set Me Free Remember Me.

Wow Gospel Lashun Pace. Blog Picture-perfect Songs: But I forgot about that scripture that says "I am a jealous God and beside me there is no other".

I know I've Been Changed Last played on. Two kinds of assertion, then: LaShun Pace. He Lives. Through Her Eyes. I'll Pray Song previews provided courtesy of iTunes. Looking at the World Through a Windshield. In song after song, God and the Devil are at Prince's high heels, each with a voice in his ear, from the apocalyptic abandon of "" to the delicate "God", which as the B-side to "Purple Rain" emphasized the redemptive gospel in the hit ballad's central, Pentecostal metaphor.