Osama bin Laden dead: US President Barack Obama watched raid in 'real time'

The helicopter blades were literally just winding down as I approached.

Bin Laden: Priority Number One - The Obama Years: An Oral History HISTORY

Seymour Hersh arrived late to the game, bringing with him an unmatched reputation for investigative coups—from My Lai to Abu Ghraib—and a scrappy anti-establishment attitude. Andrew Jenks. So initially, they did not know. Wanted for: Retrieved July 5, Obama did not see bin Laden being killed".

Follow your instincts. The president sent me to Pakistan after the raids to start smoothing things over. Bin Laden's gold-threaded robes, worn during his video addresses, hung behind a curtain in the media room ," the same report adds.

Obama: Decision to Kill Bin Laden Was Heavily Debated

A scheme like this was used by the CIA in Pakistan. As Obama and his security team watched a live video feed, four U. You would never have known that anything was amiss if all you were going by was his voice doing the play-by-play.

All of these accounts, in every major way, concur. For those individuals, What Really Happened? Lehigh University political science professor Saladin Ambar said that the picture suggests "a new American landscape that we're still crossing into".

Seated, from left, are: There is always the risk that one of our SEALs would get shot. And if we did it right, we were going to protect the women and children. May 9, And it was sort of a joke on himself for being named Hussein.

The president and his team were also listening in and they could see me, but the picture on my screen was of Director Panetta. Senator from Illinois — Illinois Senator from the 13th district — The decision to hunt down and kill al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden was a priority from the moment he took office, President Barack Obama says, but whether to actually undertake the mission was heavily debated. You know, a fire fight, a helicopter crash, a complete crisis in US-Pakistan relations, without even knowing that the guy was there.

It would mean that bin Laden has been killed.