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While at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, you brought your young children to work with you, something that was not common at the time, and in so doing, made a statement about being a woman and a scholar.

But it turned out to be an interesting series of the primary research, the new research, and the meta-analysis.

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I was going to ask you this question at the end, but you gave me an opening right now. But here is my question: So that would be intervening on the self side. I ended up marrying one of the other Fulbright scholars, so it was personally significant in that way. So I think of her.

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So there had been quite a wonderful historical theoretical tradition over quite a long time. Information Systems Security, 16 6 , In HSM, both information processing modes can lead to decisions on the validity of received messages, but neither is automatic. I wrote a paper about this that I published with colleagues fairly recently where we actually looked at the history of publication. That was very early. In when our daughter Ingrid was born, that was sort of the very beginning of the feminist movement and so it was.

Gilford Press. They responded well. You always get to the center of the labyrinth if you work at it. So I was advocating for that before the university set it up actually.

We thought it would be useful to use in graduate courses in attitudes. There needs to be some accommodation. Moreover, as phishing attackers try to exploit multiple cues simultaneously, the targeted victims may notice conflicting cues. So you might report the outcome that pleased you.

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In the context of phishing study, the phishing message is inherently invalid, thus a high level of systematic processing will likely dominate heuristic processing, leading to the correct identification of the phishing message global assessment. My others had been more low-level, like head of the social psychology area or something which is just sort of administrative. You see the mess that we have in our own federal government in the United States.

Again, looking back over your long career as a scholar, do you see the culture of access to leadership changing in a positive direction? This text is a comprehensive advanced level textbook designed for courses in the psychology of attitudes and related studies in attitude measurement and social cognition. So let me circle back again, do you now think of yourself as a leader?

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I think for staff women, it would have been difficult. Was that the first time you held an administrative leadership position? So that was great that I got that support. Dual-process theories in social psychology. He had a very charming thing to say about this article. I figured out that that part linked to the other social sciences would be more interesting. We begin with a review of existing research on phishing.

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Such moderators include personality variables such as need for cognition e. The current research context — phishing and phishing victimization — is inherently one of deception. In , you co-published with Linda Carli a book titled Through the Labyrinth: