A Quick Demo of Big Stitch Hand Quilting

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This may sound a teensy bit nutso, but I love the way your hands look. Thank you as you where very concise and easy to follow. Thank you so much for the thread comparison. Not a type of job I would like to do.

Big Stitch Hand Quilting by Sherri Noel

Post Comments Atom. Then as soon as you feel the needle from underneath, angle the needle back up as close to a vertical line as you can to push the tip of the needle through. They're all people I've met and had interactions with on multiple occassions.

I have trouble using a hoop with thicker pieces and it's hard to tell from the pictures how yours is made Once you are comfortable with making the stitch, try rocking your needle to take stitches at a time before pulling the thread through.

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big stitch hand quilting tips

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A lot of this info is in Handmade Beginnings almost here! Alexia also very cleverly cuts through the skein loop at one end to create several perfect length pieces for your quilting all in one snip Thank you… Thank you…. So you could try to head back down through the quilt with the tip of the needle again at a vertical angle.