God Rotation January 10 2017

Originally posted by Jurassic King:. Third-Person view. She can do hatever you want her to do, just maybe not as well as some others. Looks difficult but you'll learn it quickly.

Sol: Smite Gods Guides on SMITEFire

Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Free to play with microtransactions. He's basicly basic attack powered, like Freya, just not ranged and aoe. Overall she's still a reasonale pick, especially with a hhbrid half offense half deffense build. I believe that counts as somehat good at least.

Change language. Also the cleanse and the debuff can change a teamfight pretty well.

The Overarching Conquest Guide (S6, Patch 6.1 WIP)

Jing Wei. Most people won't go in it, but even if they do, they get slowed and that's the end for them. His heals aren't as good as most people think, and his damageing skills are easy to dodge. Don't have an account?

When is the god rotation?

If played properly, she can be a real mayor annoyance to your opponent's team, but since it'd be dangerous for her not to pounce out of combat while she still can, she can't really do much damage between pounces. Per page: I mean, I don't want to watch his Nene, especially in early game. You'll mostly find morons and egos, but there are of course plenty of cool people. More topics from this board Smite is full of salty people.

Her kit allows her to practicly ambush any opponent after she comes out of the fountain, crit them to death, than rush to safety. Keep me logged in on this device.

The God rotation changes up every two weeks, I believe? Edit Tierlist. If you're interested then there's no better time and I don't know why you'd wait.

Is the game free? Artemis's build with executioner instead of malice works well, just change up the order you build the items in a little bit Izanami: