It flows west of Delhi.. In the second part. The Quarternary period is divided into i. Y and a have retrograde motion along the ecliptic.

Masa [month-solar. Page 1'1. Since astrology focuses on the interplay between the celestial bodies and our Earth, we take a geo-centric Earth-centered view of the heavens. Professor of Sanskrit.

Ghat Chakra Report

The Naksl1atra.. India where from many migrated to all parts of the world. The flower or Tishya is auspicious. Y coincided with Spica. Gamma and Kappa marking the feet. It tends to make other planets strong too. Revati Piscium Zeta 1. The close of the rainy season initiated the new year. Krittika Taurii Yeta 3. Jyothisha Verse 5 and then the Saptha Rishis were in their 7ith year in Magha. The River Saraswathy the present dry bed of Ghagger and its tributaries the Apaya. Read About Moon Sign. Similar Books Readers also downloaded….

Part IV: Krittika 4. This system has continued to the present times. Bala Ga. Separation of Parsees. Note 8 the Panis of R. In Alexander's time the Hindus did not claim a greater antiquity than B.