Traditional Belgian Liege Waffle Recipe

I went to two different cooking stores in Paris to track down pearl sugar so I could make these at home. All Comments I Made This! Did you get that at all?

No topping needed. Wife To An Amazing Cook. My first post here…. This allows caramelization without getting too dark too fast.

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These were at least as good as I remember from over 15 years ago in Brussels and other places, after first having bought one without any idea how little it would resemble waffles from my aunt jemima past.

Well, I just listened to the Sporkful podcast about waffles a few days ago… and here you are with a Liege waffles recipe! Drink long and prosper. This explains it: BUT… now I can see that a waffle maker is an essential item, so I shall be perusing the net to find one with removable plates, as you suggest.

I just made my first batch.

David Lebovitz — a man with such an impassioned following that the day he linked to a recent recipe on this site, two different parents came up to me at kindergarten drop-off to ask if I really knew him — gave me a great tip this week: And with wet towel in the hot iron worked beautifully at cleanup time.

Your thoughts and guidance are deeply appreciated! American, belgian. And it seems I should start this process the day before I want to serve. Remember Me. Amazing flavor and textures and really quite a simple recipe.

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Crushed sugar cubes, Please! This actually exists? Part of the magic of them is what happens after you cook the first and second waffle, which is that some of the melted sugar is left behind, and you can more and more burnished, glossy edges like you see in my photos.

I know I was there! I did use instant yeast instead of active dry, but I let it rise longer 2.

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Mix 4 minutes at medium-low speed, let the dough rest for 1 minute and then continue to mix for 2 minutes, then rest, repeat until the dough balls up on the hook. However, you do not need to warm the liquid. Advertisements I am trying to make Liege waffles and need to get some pearl sugar that is usually only found in Northern Europe.

San Antonio, Texas. Help me, O Swami! Flavor is amazing but they came out really dense? Log In or Sign Up to comment.

We have guest chefs, well known, in the art of yeasted breads. As for Baladoche in Chicago, my husband and I visited there before we started selling ours, and I was woefully disappointed in the product.