At The Mummy Design,

Illustrator/graphic artist/themed environments designer Philippe “Pha!” Augy (aka Callaghan) works with clients desiring high-quality visual representations in support of their projects in diverse settings. To each new project, Philippe brings 20 years of international experience in multiple mediums and his considerable passion for his craft.

Philippe was born in Paris, raised in Nice, and worked in San Francisco for 10 years before moving back to France. He now resides in Tempe, Arizona with his wife and two cats. He continues to take projects in the United States and abroad.

The industry of themed environments has evolved dramatically over the decades, and with it, the tools of the trade. Nowadays, creating almost any kind of imaginary world is doable with a team of individuals with diverse talents, including a designer/illustrator with the vision and know-how gained from long and varied experience. This is Philippe’s role. As a professional, he can devote attention to your project from conception to finishing touches.

Philippe’s graphic, artistic and technical designs combine rendering and coloring with the RAL specifications needed for a true realization. The designs are implemented in SketchUp in order to define the work with precision.

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