At The Mummy Design,

graphic designer/illustrator/theme designer Philippe “Pha!” Augy works with clients in need of high-quality visual representations in support of their projects. In addition to 20 years of experience in a wide range of creative settings in both Europe (10 years) and the United States (10 years), Philippe’s enthusiasm for his craft, along with his dedication and professionalism, stand behind the integrity of his products. Philippe is bi-lingual (French and English), which enables him to comfortably interact with a broad clientele.


Hellinikon-Park-Philippe-Augy-01 Hellinikon-Park-Philippe-Augy-02 Hellinikon-Park-Philippe-Augy-03 Hellinikon-Park-Philippe-Augy-04 Hellinikon-Park-Philippe-Augy-05 Hellinikon-Park-Philippe-Augy-06 Hellinikon-Park-Philippe-Augy-07 Hellinikon-Park-Philippe-Augy-08 Hellinikon-Park-Philippe-Augy-09 Hellinikon-Park-Philippe-Augy-10 Hellinikon-Park-Philippe-Augy-11  Hellinikon-Park-Philippe-Augy-13